Kennel Exlibris Canes is 15 years old now!



We breed
borzois for 28 years,  salukis for 18 years and dalmatians for 16 years

Welcome to our windhounds homepage!


Kennel  Exlibris Canes was registered in 1994.

Our kennel has two owners:

Ella Kasmann - borzois & salukis

 Jelena Kruus - dalmatians

On this homepage  you can see information about  our  windhounds -


, showresults , lure coursing competitions, litters and etc.

The main homepage of our kennel you can see here :
Also you can visit our photogallery here :

All puppies from our kennel are in Estonian Kennel Union (EKU)
breedregister and have FCI pedirgees.

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